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PAHdb provides this database and the data contained therein for the purpose of scientific research and medical advancement in the treatment of the metabolic disorder phenylketonuria. The information is the work of both the PAH Consortium and database Curators who are dedicated to increasing genetic and clinical knowledge of mutations found at the PAH locus.


PAHdb aims to present accurately the data provided by its submitters. If a user sees information that is inaccurate or is outdated, we ask that you please notify us.


PAHdb constitutes the intellectual property of the McGill University Health Centre and its collaborating partners (DeBelle Database Group). Any unauthorized copying, reutilization, extraction, storage, or distribution of this material or a substantial part thereof without written permission from the PAHdb Curators would lead to copyright and database right infringement with possible ensuing litigation. Copyright and database right of PAHdb. All rights reserved.


PAHdb is not intended for clinical usage, including the diagnosis, genetic counseling or treatment of a health problem or disease. Nor does The PAHdb provide medical advice and urges users to consult with qualified professionals for diagnosis, genetic counseling or treatment of health problems or disease, or for answers to personal questions.


Whilst PAHdb exercises all reasonable care to ensure that the database and data contained therein are, of high quality, it makes no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness thereof or that this database or the data contained therein, is fit for a particular purpose such as the diagnosis, genetic counseling and treatment of patients and will not be held responsible for any consequences arising out of any inaccuracies, omissions or misusages.


PAHdb provides links to other Internet sites for the convenience of the users. These external sites are for informational purpose only and do not take the place of policy, law or regulation. PAHdb is not responsible for the content of the external sites nor does PAHdb endorse, warrant or guarantee the information, products or services described or offered at these other Internet sites.

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