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Mutation Submission

Welcome to the PAHdb submission page. There are two options available for submitting information about a mutation.  The first consists of reporting a novel mutation which has not been recognized on PAHdb. The second option allows the submitter to enter new data concerning a previously reported mutation.   Before submitting information, please refer to the Mutation Search tool in order to verify whether the mutation has already been identified. If the mutation is not listed and you have several entries for the same mutation, use the New Submission form for each entry (Hint: use the Back button to facilitate your data entry; simply change the appropriate fields and submit again).

The mutation submission holds various categories of data to be entered.  Amongst the eight listed below, the User Information section is mandatory.  In addition, persons submitting a new mutation should thoroughly complete the Mutation section.

  • User Information
  • Reference
  • Mutation
  • Association
  • Genotype/Phenotype
  • Human In Vitro Analysis
  • Rat In Vitro Analysis
  • Artificial In Vitro Analysis
New Automatic Mutation Submission
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